10 Coolest Car Accessories You Must Have for the Long Drives

Coolest Car Accessories

Nothing is more fun than taking your wheels for a long drive. If you’ve never been on a road trip with your friends, then you should start planning for one right. It’s guaranteed to change your life and provide you with irresistibly fun memories for years to come.

Of course, your long drive won’t be as fun without gadgets. There are plenty of car gadgets that can make your car journeys more fun but also practical. Here are the coolest car accessories you must have for the long drives ahead.

#1: A Car Charger

The most important car accessory to include for your long journey is a car charger. You do not want your phone to run out – you might need it for navigating or making emergency calls. There are plenty of car chargers on the market. If you want something super efficient, consider opting for the more expensive solar chargers.

#2: A Smartphone Car Mount

The second most important accessory for long journeys is a good phone car mount. You want to have your phone somewhere nearby to allow you to use its navigation system and play entertaining music – or audio books.

The perfect car mount for your car will depend on your smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you might like the iOttie’s Car Mount. If you’re using any other smartphone (or even an iPhone), you should check out Devium Dash.

#3:Travel Mate’s Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Even the most luxurious cars tend to have bad neck support. Whether you are driving or sitting beside the driver, the TravelMate Memory Foam Neck Pillow will make the journey a lot more pleasant. You can even use it to warm up your tense shoulder and neck muscles.

#4:SuperTooth HD

In order to guarantee a safe journey, you don’t want to be messing with your phone too much. For this, you should pick a SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone. You can use it for voice commands ranging from answering and making calls to charging your battery. It will even allow you to send Twitter messages on the road!

Coolest Car Accessories Coolest Car Accessories
Coolest Car Accessories Coolest Car Accessories

#5:Mobileye 560

Now, if you’re not driving on a state-of-the-art luxury vehicle, you might not have things like collision-avoidance systems. However, with the help of this little gadget, you can make your car a smartcar and drive a lot safer. The Mobileye 560 will warn you if a pedestrian is walking ahead of you or if another car is advancing too fast when you’re changing lanes. It’s neat and it will be cheaper than buying a new car!

#6:A Can of Fix a Flat

You might end up with a flat tyre and you definitely want to learn how to fix it and change your tyre if needed. One simply handy product to help you out with this is Fix A Flat spray. It can help sort out a flat tyre in minutes – you’ll be back on the road before you know it.

#7: Black & Decker Travel Cooler & Warmer

On some trips, a can of cool Coca-Cola is all you need, while on others, you just want some warm tea to warm you up. Well, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a bit of both on your journeys with the Black & Decker Travel Cooler & Warmer. The portable device can keep things cool and warm – at the same time. The electric cooler doesn’t even cost a fortune so it’s the perfect companion for your trips.

#8:GoPro HD Hero3

Who doesn’t want to remember their long drive with video footage? You’ll definitely enjoy adding a GoPro camera to your car accessory list. You can place it on the dashboard to film your journey and just snap it with you when you step outside for a little walk. The HD Hero3 films in superb quality and uses noise reduction system to keep the sounds pleasant.

#9: High Road Leakproof Litter Basket

Long journeys are undoubtedly going to produce quite a bit of litter. You’ll have empty water bottles, crisp bags and all sorts of other rubbish and you can’t stop every time you create waste. Instead of getting your car filthy with rubbish, just store it in the leakproof litter basket. It’s a perfect companion for your car.

#10:Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Sometimes you’ll need a little pick-me-up on the road. If a service station is nowhere to be found, you can simply use the Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker to enjoy fresh coffee. The handheld device requires no electricity and it’s compatible with all brands of ESE coffee pods!

The utility gadgets on the list are available through major car dealers and servicing companies. You can cut down the cost by utilising Halfords vouchers on repair kits and the like. You can also find some of the more entertaining gadgets online via Amazon or even Ebay. So get looking.

The above cool car accessories are definitely must-have gadgets for the long drives – get shopping and plan your dream road trip now.

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