Top 5 Latest Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000 in 2018

Top 5 Mobilephones Under 20000

Now a day’s people want a good phone at an affordable price. The brand nowadays phone brands keep in mind the way their customers want their phone to be. The customer bant their phone should be sexy looking, have a good camera, can show off their phone and the phone should not hang. Following are top 5 phone latest smartphone under Rs. 20,000:- Top 5 Latest Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000 in 2018 Sr. no Model name Price Customers Reviews 1 Nokia 6.1 Plus 16,999 3.8/5 2 HONOR 9N 128GB/ 32GB…

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Top 5 Smart Phones Under Rs. 15,000 in 2018

Top 5 Mobile Phones Under 15000

People nowadays buy phones based on cameras, RAM and internal memory. The more the quality of the camera the more is the chance of selling the phone. But the Most important thing which a company must keep in mind is that they should keep the price as lower as possible. Then the only maximum number of people will buy that product. There are many companies like Vivo, Oppo and Redmi who are selling their phones with good features at an affordable price.           Sr. No. Model name Price Customers Rating 1…

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Now you can read the deleted messages of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Whatsapp has always been exciting people with its new features. Whatsapp rolled out a new feature on its latest update which is “delete for everyone”. Whatsapp has introduced a way to read the messages which have already been deleted. However, one cannot recover the deleted messages without the help of the third party app or widget. The most important part is that whether the deleted messages are deleted permanently from the phone. They remain present on the phone and not only this, but they can also be accessed in an…

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Top 5 Smart Laptop Bags of 2018

Top 5 Laptop Bags 2018

Whether you carry your laptop regularly while commuting, or plan to bring it on your upcoming overseas trip, having a safe and reliable laptop bag is something that you should never take for granted. If you are a business professional or a student, then you must be treating your laptop as a major and essential investment. Therefore, it must be protected when being carried from one place to another in order to avoid bumps and scratches that may affect not only the aesthetics but the performance of the device as…

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5 Home Security Gadgets

Home Security Gadgets

For many, having superior home security is one of the utmost concerns of owning a home. While having an entire home security system installed is the absolute greatest way to ensure the safety of your property, there are less expensive gadgets and devices that also provide security for specific areas and reasons. The options are seemingly endless. No matter what part of your home you would like to have secured, there is certainly a solution. However, the wide range of home security gadgets available is certain to leave any homeowner…

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Best PSVR Headphones


If you are a serious and enthusiastic video game player, then you must be a fan of virtual reality. And if you are a fan of virtual reality then you will always go for the best products in the market to make sure that you get the best experience while playing. Not just any PSVR headphones are good for you and that is something that is very clear. Different people have different tastes and preferences and different devices have different features. However, the overall issue is that you need to…

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OnePlus 6T Launching Event: It Will be an Amazon Exclusive

Oneplus 6T

Oneplus have sought the attention of a number of users because of its quality product. Speed is the main aim of these phones. They never hang and they will surely make your work done at a good speed. This is due to good RAM and processor they are providing. OnePlus 6T is a China-based company. Recently OnePlus has revealed the details of launching event of their new product OnPlus 6T in India. It is on the official website of the company. The launching event will be taking place inside the…

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Step into the future with the new way of screen unlocking by OnePlus 6T

Oneplus 6T Screen Unlocking

There were many rumours regarding the new in-display fingerprint scanner on OnePlus 6T. Finally, the official sources were good enough to release the stable pieces of information. According to the Founder and Ceo of Pete Lau, OnePlus 6T will be having a very fast in-display unlocking facility. This was the company’s much-awaited new flagship phone and soon the company released the futuristic Screen Unlocking technology. OnePlus have released a short video on this also. This is a 5-second video and it reveals the new in-display fingerprint scanner along with very…

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