Apple Iphone 2019: Better Face ID Technology

Apple Face ID

Apple is a brand which everyone knows. It is a bit costly. Some of them may buy an iPhone while other desires to buy. Good technology along with good quality products are used for preparing the iPhones. According to rumours, Apple will bring a number of new features in the upcoming iPhones.  Apple aims in keeping the same Face ID and the same technology for the upcoming phones. The Face ID for iPhone X was so good and secured that it was used in iPhone XS and XS Max. However, this will be improved for the iPhones on the coming year that is in 2019. Apple has never stopped amazing people with its features and prize. So let’s hope that 2019 will also be the same for iPhones.

Apple Face ID Technology

Face ID technology will be a better one

According to the prediction of Kuo who is the former tipster and analyst of Apple, the sensor of Face ID technology will get improved. They may also introduce flight 3D camera in the year 2019 and 2020 in iPad models which will get merged with the technology of 3D Face recognition so that the user can get a better experience than the previous one. So hopefully this can satisfy the users with what they are hoping for.

The time to flight is mainly used for the purpose of augmented reality. It mainly deals with the calculation of the time which a light might take to travel from camera to subject. This result in a better subject with a better 3D version. 30,000 infrared dots are used by the iPhone X for mapping face in the Face ID technology in the situation when there is low light.

We are hoping for a better Face ID technology in the coming year, however, this year Apple has introduced this technology in the iPad Pro tablets that launched the previous week. Moreover, they are also getting the USB Type-C ports. This will allow them to charge the phones quickly.

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