WhatsApp Payment Feature: Going to Roll Out in India

whatsapp payment

Whatsapp has recently launched an enriched feature of Payment transfer. Right now it is in beta stage, not opened for the public. But soon after the successful completion of the trial process it will be made opened for the general people who are accessing Whatsapp application. For both the Android and iOS smart-phone users, this feature will be available. But for accessing this facility, you should use the latest version of Android v2.18.41 and iPhone v2.18.22. The entire Pay feature is developed on UPI (Unified Payments Interfere) platform. Therefore, you can safely send…

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Best 3 Apps for Students

Apps for Students

Are you a student that’s looking for new apps in order to improve the quality of your education? Whether it’s the way you learn or how productive you are the right app can improve your student life by making it easier. In this article you’ll learn a few different apps that are worth knowing about if you’re a student trying to improve the quality of their education. Sleep Cycle alarm clock Ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep is critical for a student, because without great sleep your…

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Top 5 Online Health and Fitness Supplement Stores In India

Top 5 Online Supplement Stores In India

Health and fitness have always been an important area for serious consideration and care. However, it is in today’s times that this consideration has picked up pace. People have started focusing a lot on their fitness and overall health. This has had an positive effect on the culture of joining a gym. And from this positive effect, fast pacing trend for consuming fitness and health supplements can be clearly seen. There are many players in the market today that sell health and fitness supplements both online and as well as…

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What to Do When You Have an App Idea?


There is no boundary, there is nothing to pay, and there is nobody to restrict your imagination. Since this is app era, every entrepreneur has one or another app idea. But most people’s ideas just end up in imagination, they don’t go further steps to get nurtured because of lack of support or strategic help to get refined. If you’re in the same dilemma, here I have created an insightful guide that doesn’t just help you refine your idea, you can even use it to get a complete understanding of…

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Advantages of Android Application Development for Startups

Android App

It has turned out to be difficult to envision an existence without mobile apps. Ideal from sustenance requesting to clothing administrations, mobile applications are dependably there to safeguard us. Two stages in particular iOS and Android administer the cell phone space and subsequently over 80% of the applications are based on these two operating system. While iPhone is, for the most part, favored in the American and European nations, Android which is a Google Product has a bigger market. Reason being it is an open source OS and constantly open…

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Instagram Users Advised Over Malignant Applications


IT security analyst at ESET firm found 13 applications which take Instagram certifications on Google Play, setting up to 1.5 million app users who downloaded the applications at risk. The malevolent applications were phishing for Instagram certifications and sending them to a remote server. While they appear to have begun in Turkey, some used English localisation to target Instagram customers around the globe. To draw clients, the applications guaranteed to build the quantity of adherents, likes and remarks on a client’s Instagram account. In reality, the bargained records were utilized…

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Xiaomi India Devices Getting Android Nougat Update

Xiaomi Android Update

Xiaomi is surely energetic as regards the adjacent set of update to roll out harshly their devices that is MIUI 9 or may be Android Nougat 7.0 which is currently latest Android OS from Google. So now there are a lot of publicize portion of Xiomi in India using Xiaomi devices. So today we will be checking the devices that will realize the upcoming latest update soon in the elaborate less of March in India. Devices list will be asleep one by one but one thing that you engross don’t…

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Reliance Jio Allows Users to Download Movies Without Data

Reliance Jio Free Data

Jio has access atypical market to its users. The company has other a toting occurring feature in JioCinema, which ensures that you download a movie without exhausting data from your 1 GB data. Under the Happy New Year offer, Reliance Jio gives you pardon data considering a daily hat of 1GB. This is not a agonized if for most usages, but if you’re using it watch videos online, with this limits gets exhausted intensely suddenly. Jio’s video going as regards for demand sustain JioCinema has a all-powerful accrual of of…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Receive Android 7.0 Nougat Update in India

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat

Following weeks of examine, Samsung began rolling out the qualified Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge a propos speaking January 26 in India. With the official pardon of the update, new and enlarged features merger to allocate Galaxy users profit more out of their devices. The update with enables faster speeds for downloading apps and system software updates. The major UX changes: Multi Window An augmented controller allows the window size to be more easily adjusted in split screen view. Also, behind a connection…

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WhatsApp Will End Support for Some Smartphones after December 31

Whatsapp Update

December 31 could likely be the last daylight for you to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app platform, is used by more than 95 per cent smartphone owners in India. However, a few smartphones will not be accomplished to use WhatsApp by subside of this year. These phones wont be deeply blocked, but they will lose out regarding a lot of upcoming features. In immediate, users having these smartphones will by yourself be able to use WhatsApp till the app is compatible. According to a statement released earlier…

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