Automotive CMOS Sensors: Why it’s Better than CCD Sensors?

Automotove CMOS Sensors – Why It’s Better than CCD Sensors

CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor image sensors is one form of technology that has been making noticeable changes in the film and camera industry today. This component can be used on a wide variety of applications especially for vehicles, as it enables car cameras to capture and produce a higher quality of images regardless of the time of the day.

Due to the low-cost prices of CMOS sensors in the market, the public and industrial sectors are now taking advantage of all the benefits associated with the emergence of such technology. Other digital imaging solutions also started to become much more affordable due to the sudden decline in consumer demands. Experts believed that this is because those products are now slowly being overshadowed by the popularity of CMOS sensors.

One of these affected products includes a former model of an image sensor, the CCD (Charge-Coupled Device). While CMOS and CCD follow the same principle, which is to convert light into electrons, recent advancements in technology today made CMOS gain the upper hand over the CCD.

Most of CMOS sensors sold in the market today possess some additional features such as higher framerates. More framerate means clearer footages and photographs. What’s more is that if it is combined with improved sensitivity and the latest global shutter technology, taking high-quality photos by capturing images in rapid succession is not an impossibility anymore.

There are a lot more reasons as to why CMOS turned out to be much better than CCD Sensors. The infographic below by Omnivision will discuss more on the topic.

Automotove CMOS Sensors – Why It’s Better than CCD Sensors

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