Best 3 Apps for Students

Apps for Students

Are you a student that’s looking for new apps in order to improve the quality of your education? Whether it’s the way you learn or how productive you are the right app can improve your student life by making it easier. In this article you’ll learn a few different apps that are worth knowing about if you’re a student trying to improve the quality of their education.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Ensuring that you get the right amount of sleep is critical for a student, because without great sleep your ability to study can suffer. Lack of sleep is a widespread problem that many people have trouble with and an app that can somewhat improve sleep is great for any student.

Sleep Cycle can detect how you’re sleeping and understand at what stage of the sleep cycle you’re currently in. It makes use of the microphone and accelerometer in order to figure out your sleeping patterns. It aims to wake you up when you are in the lightest state of your sleep, but also takes into consideration the alarm clock time you’ve set.

Dragon Dictation

Do you feel that you type so much per day that your hands are actually hurting? Then there is an app that can you can use to dictate and the words will be written for you. This might also improve the speed of work because you’ll feel less burnt out and the speed of content entry might be faster. Furthermore, fewer typos will be made during the entry of content.

You can use this dictation software for other tasks such as instant messaging with friends and family. It can also be combined with other languages than English giving you more flexibility on how you take advantage of the software. The various advantages of dictation software means giving it at least a try is worth the hassle to improve anything from essay writing to general communication.

Microsoft Office

The majority of us have Microsoft Office on our PC or laptop, but have you ever considered getting it on your smartphone? By installing the MS app on your smartphone you can have access to word processing documents, PowerPoint presentation, Excel Spreadsheets and a whole lot more.

While it’s true that you can access these files without the MS app, you get a lot more functionality when it is installed. You can modify and use the documents to get work done – just as you would when using the documents on the computer.


The number of apps for students out there literally goes into the hundreds so you need to search for yourself see what can actually benefit you. The list of apps in this article is a great place to start as they can all benefit a student of any type. You can also visit Frugal Trend Setter to know about more apps for taking notes, sharing files, recording lectures, etc.

When considering what type of app to search for you need to begin by thinking about your weaknesses as a student. For instance, if you struggle with getting organized then get an app based around that, or if you struggle with turning up on time to meetings/lectures then get a scheduling app.

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