Control the air conditioning of your house with Peel smart remote app


Have you ever faced a situation wherein you come home too tired, grab something to eat and sit down on your couch and then realize that it is freaking hot and you also want to watch TV? However, you forgot to pick your TV remote as well as AC remote and now you are too tired to get up. Well, we have a solution for such situations now. We have smart remote applications through which you can control your television as well as air conditioners from your smartphones. How cool is that!

Yes, you heard it right!

In this smart world, we have raised our standards and we want everything smart to take our convenience and comfort to the next level. We want everything automatic at our home. So, with what do you think you should begin the journey of your smart home? We think there should be a smart remote app that controls your television, music systems, and air conditioners too.

Wow, a smart air conditioner controller sounds cool. Let us take a look at what a smart AC remote controller can do for us.

Benefits of a smart AC remote controller app

  • Set the room’s environment even before you arrive

Do you remember the days where you used to feel really hot or cold outside and as soon as you reach home, you rush to your room, look for the AC remote control and switch it on and get the desired temperature? In such scenarios, more than looking for the remote control, the frustrating part is to wait for the temperature to set as per your needs. The smart AC remote control app can help you with this delayed comfort problem of yours by letting you pre-heat or pre-cool your room so that you always get the desired ambiance when you step into your room.

  • Save energy throughout the year

When you have a smart AC controller, it adjusts the temperature automatically as per your needs and requirements in the most efficient manner possible. This will ultimately not let your home overheat or over cool, letting you have ideal conditions all the time and saving energy throughout the year.

  • Save money and increase convenience

The smart AC remote controller does not let the room be over cool, thus saving energy, ultimately lowering the costs. If you forget to turn your air conditioner off, you can do it even after leaving the house, saving you a lot of money. You can also set the usage limits so that you do not overuse. Moreover, you can set schedules and change AC settings from anywhere remotely. All these results in lowering your costs and takes convenience to the next level.

Peel smart remote app – Your one-stop smart solution

Talking about smart air conditioner controller applications, here’s one we cannot forget about – Peel. It is one of the best smart remote applications that helps you control your air conditioner from your smartphone, taking your convenience and comfort to another level.

How can you use Peel to control your AC?

Peel smart remote app transforms your Android smartphone into a smart remote using which you can manage many appliances, one of which is the air conditioner. This Android application uses the built-in IR hardware on your smartphone to operate the air conditioner. You can simply point your phone at the air conditioner and tap your phone. For the phones that do not have the IR hardware, Peel smart remote app uses Wi-Fi to discover and control the air conditioner.

Installing Peel smart remote app in your smartphone is just like downloading any other app on your phone from Google Play and setting it up is as easy as 1,2,3.

Once you download the app, open it to start adding devices to it. To add your air conditioner, you must first check if you have got IR blaster on your phone or not. If you have, you can add internet-connected as well as non-internet-connected air conditioners. However, if you do not have IR blaster, you can connect only online devices using Wi-Fi.

To add a device, tap on the plus (+) icon on the remote section of the Peel smart remote app. Now, select ‘air conditioner’ from the list of devices and follow the prompts to set up.

The Final Word

People have been using Peel smart remote app for the television. However, only a few know that the benefits of Peel are beyond television control. It is one of the best universal remote controls out there in the market that revolutionizes the entire home entertainment experience and turns your home into a smart home. Peel smart remote app is extremely easy to use and free of cost. So, what are you waiting for? Download Peel smart remote app today and control your air conditioner like a boss!

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