Dangerous Things People Do With Smartphones

top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

Smartphones houses everyone’s privacy and money

Many people’s smartphones contain sensitive information that they do not have back up for. We have had news of celebrities having their nude pictures and videos being leaked online. Majority of them had their smartphones hacked and thereby, threatened to pay a huge sum if they do not want their private stuff online. They sometimes do not have such money, and end up having their private stuff all over the internet free.

Many people have had their private bank accounts, online financial accounts like paypal and payoneer hacked due to carelessness and keeping the apps logged in after use.The infographic from DjiBestBuy show you how to protect your smartphone .

Dangerous things people do

These days, many smartphone users do not care about using a password, maybe they do not know the consequences. But study has shown that 33% of smartphone users are likely to experience an identity theft.

Another danger is leaving banking and financial apps and websites logged in. Many people do not care to stop the auto sign-in effects on their smartphones, probably because of quick access, but this can cause harm incase the phone gets stolen or in wrong hands.

The next danger goes to the teenagers and young people, 20% of teenagers have sent nude pictures at one point or the other via texts or shared online. Maybe the recipients are loved ones we trust, but 17% of the recipients forward these nude images/videos to someone else, which is harmful to the sender’s dignity.

Another thing people do is to post many pictures and flaunt their private lives on social media. Over 75% of convicted burglars believed that other burglars use social media to find potential targets, the solution to this is to understand that it is not everybody that deserves to know the type of private life style we live or can afford.

top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

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