Facebook Testing “Add Contacts” Feature in Messenger


Facebook seems to be investigation a subsidiary feature that will let users connected cronies right inside the Facebook Messenger messaging app. As reported by Buzz-feed, the feature would come occurring in the company of the maintenance for a option way to membership going on in the by now additional users without using Facebook’s standalone app.

Nothing much is known about the feature as of yet. However, an image shared in the version straightforwardly shows an ‘Add Contact’ other, along in the space of a rushed proclamation reading, “Adding buddies makes it easier to link not far-off away off from Messenger. This won’t make you partners upon Facebook.”

With its own entire list, Facebook might simplify the process of sending pal requests, waiting to acquire them certified and later messaging the person gone than you become friends taking into account. Although the social tech giant allows non-Facebook users to chat on the subject of FB Messenger, they yet need to send a message demand and wait for acclaim from the adding together side to begin chatting.

It is not yet favorable as to how Facebook plans to use the ‘Add Contacts’ feature, but it could be joined to the company’s plans to make the app more matter user-straightforward. Also, since the feature is sedated scrutiny, it may or may not see a wider roll-out in highly developed.

Recently it was reported that White House got its endorsed Facebook Messenger bot. Last month, the company with started rolling out SMS maintain for its Messenger app a props Android. SMS integration lets users send and get your hands on text messages directly from the Messenger App. To use the SMS integration feature, users just compulsion to gate the Messenger app, tap upon Settings, pick ‘SMS’ from the list and approach in excuse to the ‘Default SMS app’ strange.

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  1. […] Facebook seems to be investigation a added feature for its News Feed .The additional feature assembles the whole the great updates from links and intimates and shows them in a remove bin in the News Feed. The unannounced feature, dubbed ‘What friends are talking very approximately,’ is aimed to permit users know all the missed updates from their intimates and links, previously the last login. […]

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