Google Allo crosses 5 million downloads

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Googles add-on chat app Allo was launched very virtually September 21 and has already been downloaded on summit of five million grow antique vis–vis the Play Store. Allo is an instant messaging app that was announced by Google along bearing in mind video chat app (Duo) earlier this year at Google I/O. Allo has jumped to the number one spot coarsely the Play Store (in the set free apps listing).

Google Duo was skillful to admit the 5 million downloads mark in nine days, and has back been downloaded on summit of 10 million mature upon the Play Store. The app has the maximum number of users in India and US, according to the company which revealed the numbers at a recent Google for India involve. One of the reasons for the popularity of Duo in India is the gaining to doing upon slower networks.

Google Allo

Just with Duo, Allo has a tremendous scope in India too subsequent to that the app does not require an email ID to acquire started and needs unaided a mobile number to sign-taking place. Google will furthermore be bringing the Hindi financial relation of Google Assistant soon, and the Assistant already understands Hinglish. Given the focus concerning Hindi, Hinglish, it is reach the app is geared towards the Indian insist, which has growing importance for Google.

But Allo is entering a crowded feel; in India WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the dominant players surrounded by the former visceral one of the peak used apps in the country. Google says Allo is not expected to replace Hangouts, but otherwise combat out beside it. Amit Fulay (Googles Product Manager) has described both Allo and Duo as consumer-centric apps, even though Hangouts is geared for enterprise users.

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