Google Pixel 3A Review

Google Pixel 3A

Google is back with it’s yet another new device- expanding the Pixel family. Google has recently launched Pixel 3a which is the most affordable Pixel device and is a younger model to Pixel 3. With features like Snapdragon 675 chipset, Full HD+ OLED screen, stock Android experience, and 3,000 mAh battery life, Google Pixel 3a is one heck of a device in the mid-range smartphone market. But, where does it stand against Google Pixel 3? Let’s check it out in the Google Pixel 3a review:

Design and display

Google Pixel 3a looks pretty same like Google Pixel 3. You can even get confused in differentiating both of them due to the round edges and similar body structure. The cameras are placed at the same positions- both rear and front camera. The button placement is the same. All in all, pretty much like Google Pixel 3! Google Pixel 3a also comes with Active Edge which we saw in Pixel 3 and never expected in this device. One can easily buy this buy those using Mobikwik Offers with discounted prices.

Google has not said goodbye to headphone jack yet! Yes, you get a 3.5mm headphone jack on this device too. There is only one firing speaker in this Pixel model which is a little setback.

It is a little bigger than Pixel 3 but still managed to be light. Google has used the Plastic panel in 3a which makes it a little less premium than glass-backed Google Pixel 3.

The phone feels premium in hand and is comfortable to hold too. The fingerprint reader is very easy to reach and so are the volume rockers and the power button on the right edge.

Coming to the display, Google Pixel 3a packs a 5.6-inches Full HD+ OLED display with a pixel resolution of 2220 x 1080. This makes the screen high-end as the color come out sharp, bright and very vivid. Yes, the features are not as impressive as Pixel 3 but still it is one notch above looking at the price point.


Talking about the camera, Google Pixel 3 is surely having the best camera in today’s smartphone era. Yes, it doesn’t impress us on paper but in real-time hands down it is the best. Pixel 3a being the cheaper model has gone a tad bit down in cam department. With 12.2MP (f/1.8) single rear sensor, Pixel 3a impresses in real-time but not like Pixel 3. For selfies, there is an 8MP front camera.

Pixel 3a lacks the Pixel Visual Core imaging chip which was a big reason for Google Pixel 3’a inevitable camera success. The various optimization functions are missed in this device. Hence, images don’t come out that intelligent like they should have been. All said the pictures come out really good and well-detailed if you don’t compare this device to its higher variant for a sec. being on the cheaper side, if you don’t compare it to Google Pixel 3, you will love it.

Performance and Software

The Google Pixel 3a has a Snapdragon 670 chipset under the hood. Talking about its upper model, Google Pixel 3 has Snapdragon 845- way faster than this chipset. This chipset in Pixel 3a comes along with shaggy navigation, loading app takes a bit of time, and a fingerprint sensor takes more time to load- comparatively to Pixel 3. Playing PUBG at this device that too on higher settings is not something you will plan to go for. But, taking it to medium settings will not give you a bit of lag.

Pixel 3a runs Android 9 out of the box and is a stock Android device which will come with all Google’s program and features like adaptive brightness, gesture navigation, and adaptive battery.

Battery Life

Google Pixel 3a comes with 3,000mAh battery which is a bit better than the Pixel 3’s 2,915mAh battery. It will give you one day of charge easily and require charging in the evening.  The battery was one notch above Pixel 3 because of the larger battery size and less powerful chipset. Sadly, Pixel 3a doesn’t support wireless charging. So, you have to depend on 18W charging of Pixel 3a. This charger can charge 0-25 percent in 30 minutes. As per Google, the device takes 15 minutes of fueling to give you seven hours of usage.

Final Verdict

Google Pixel 3a being the younger model of Google Pixel 3 is not one heck of a performer. It is just a decent device. Yes, it comes at a very affordable price but the compromises are way high too. With the plastic body, Google takes a bit of its premium feel. With less powerful chipset, it takes its peed away. With a lack of image optimization unit, it takes its camera quality away. Yes, Google has retained and upgraded some features. Keeping it aside, this is a great device if you compare it to its own price-point competitors. Surely, the best among them!

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