How to recover lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery

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In the bustle of everyday life, we barely realize that our computers have become gigantic archives of our lives. Stop to think a lot with me, can you? Minimize your browser window for a few seconds and take a look around your desktop. The folders he has there, with college documents, his work, his friends’ requests to him. Go to the folder of songs, photos and even the software installed on your computer.

What would it feel like if your computer crashed and all those digital files disappeared? The photographs of your children that were only in digital format? The document for an important meeting you were having the next day? The licensed software you paid for two years ago? From one moment to the next, everything disappears and your files can never be recovered.

Or can they?

In the market there are more and more software companies prepared to face the problems of the users. Even if there are solutions like cloud and external disks, the truth is that the risk of losing something that is only in your computer always ends up being higher.

One of the software we recommend, and that we already use in different circumstances, is EaseUS Data Recovery.
The EaseUS Data Recovery is a software that can restore data only the sudden loss of file due to problems such as formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack and especially storage attack malware.


And why use this tool? Well, beyond the simplicity of the interface (which I’ll tell you about already), EaseUS Data Recovery can be used totally free of charge. Even though there are some paid variations of this program, the free version is quite complete and able to recover most of the files on your computer. Even so, if you’re curious about the paid version, you can run a free trial of the software for a few days.

Here is a summary of the main functions of this software:

Recover deleted files

Recover lost files after deleting them accidentally by emptying the Recycle Bin or using the ‘shift + delete’ combination without backups.

Recovery of formatted disks

Restore files from a formatted disk. Ensure recovery of raw hard disk data or that is inaccessible due to format error.

More data loss scenario

The EaseUS data recovery software also supports data recovery from system failure, error or hard disk crash, virus attack, unexpected shutdown, etc.

What are the steps to recover lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery?

Let’s talk about the interface and how to use EaseUS Data Recovery.

By installing the program on your computer, you can quickly take steps to recover what you have lost. And the best thing is that you do not have to do anything until you really need to recover your files! The program search can detect in a few minutes all the lost or deleted files that had on your computer.

There are basically 3 steps to go through as soon as you install the program on your computer.

1 – Where did you lose your files?

Identify the location within the computer where your files have been lost so EaseUS Data Recovery immediately begins searching. Lost folders are also displayed here.

2 – How to search for lost data?

There are two types of research available: fast and deep. You can temporarily pause your recovery progress and continue later. In addition, you can export and import scanning results if you need to.

3 – What did you recover?

Filter what you want to retrieve from the scan results. View specific recoverable files before recovery. Recover everything you need now.

Who is EaseUS?

The EaseUS , established in 2004, is an international software company leading the development of data backup and disk space management programs, while maintaining the focus on data security and provide a better experience to users. They first tested their software on a travel agency brand; flights to Copenhagen and it went successful and then after they officially launched it in the market.

With decades of research and self-development, state-of-the-art EaseUS products are now installed on millions of computers, workplaces and servers worldwide to make digital life easier.

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