5 Best Gaming Laptops of 2019 You Must Know

Gaming Laptop

If you are having a sluggish experience playing your favorite HD game, then don’t bash your laptop. Just like you can’t solve a difficult math question with your limited math skill, similarly, your laptop is not able to process your HD game with all its limited specifications. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you need to start looking for a gaming laptop with powerful hardware specially designed for handling HD games with intricate graphics. Here is our recommendation for the 5 best gaming laptops in 2019 you should consider…

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MacBook Air 2018 Review: Display, Design, Performance and Price

MacBook Air

When Apple Company announced that they are going to hold one more event. The first thing came in the mind of Apple brand fans it’s going to be Unison. Now it’s final that it can be a new MacBook Air. Apple company didn’t disappoint their fan and came up with the first in a couple of years a New MacBook Air. As compared to MacBook Pro, MacBook Air is going to be better with high on looks and yes, slightly low on performance. Now we going to tell you the…

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Top 5 Smart Laptop Bags of 2018

Top 5 Laptop Bags 2018

Whether you carry your laptop regularly while commuting, or plan to bring it on your upcoming overseas trip, having a safe and reliable laptop bag is something that you should never take for granted. If you are a business professional or a student, then you must be treating your laptop as a major and essential investment. Therefore, it must be protected when being carried from one place to another in order to avoid bumps and scratches that may affect not only the aesthetics but the performance of the device as…

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How to Choose the Best Laptops under the Price Range of 20000?

How to Choose the Best Laptop under the Price Range of 20000

There are a few devices technocrats have come up with that have created a huge impact on the human life. To talk to someone or see someone was never that easy the way it is in this era. With the help of various devices and global platforms such as the internet, one can say that there is nothing at a distance now. However, among all the devices, only one device is there that can be used for a number of purposes whether it is personal or professional one. Yes, we…

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Top 5 Laptops with High User Ratings in 2017

Laptops With High User Ratings In 2017

When you’re out looking for a new laptop, you might be surprised at how many factors there are to consider. The obvious ones are affordability and performance, but each of these comprise several elements: one model may cost more, but include a bunch of software and an extended warranty. Another may have great graphic performance, but only for the brief time its battery lasts. Finally, physical design is important. Do you want something ultra-portable, ultra-stylish, or something available in pink? One of the best ways to determine which laptop will…

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Micromax Neo Laptop Launched for Rs 17,990


Microsoft debuted in the laptop showground in October last year back the Canvas Lapbook. This year, the company launched the showing off in-level 11.6-inch Canvas Lapbook L1160, the mid-range 14-inch Ignite taking into account 1TB storage, and most recently the tall-halt Alpha along with than 15.6-inch display. Today, the brand has launched its appendage Neo series notebooks together in the midst of the Neo LPQ61407W. The Micromax Neo is a 14-inch laptop bearing a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. Under the hood, it gets a quad-core Intel Pentium N3700…

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