Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller Introduces a Mini Keyboard

Lenovo 500 keyboard

Want to browse the internet from the couch or want to turn your favorite playlist from dining table? Lenovo 500 Controller is not only the mouse or keyboard but also a remote control that is optimized for Windows Operating System.

Lenovo introduced the new mini keyboard and mouse combo device that is called Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller. It is a controller that totally looks like a tiny PC keyboard and an over-sized Blackberry. The device is little enough to fit in the hands and is specially designed to control the consumer gadgets that can be done by typing, gestures and other movements. The Multimedia Controller has a larger wireless range of 65.6 ft. The idea of making this is that it is better for those who want to use their Window PCs on the couch instead of the desk. The 500 Multimedia Controller can be utilized anywhere comfortably as a remote control is used.

Lenovo 500 Multimedia mini keyboard

The remote gets connected to the PC using the USB dongle. Once connected, it can be used as a regular PC keyboard. Lenovo has also managed to fit the row of function keys that includes media controls. It looks like that just the bottom part of the controller can be used as a touch-pad, and the surface covers the entire controller, also the keyboard included. This makes possible to move the cursor and use the Windows 10 gestures more easily.

Swipe and surf

The controller improves not only the owners connect to their PCs, web, and displays but also re-defines of how a compact, HID device should look, feel and function. The users can use it as a regular keypad with thumb or slide their fingers across the surface like a touchpad. The Controller is designed for your thumbs to reach every key on the keyboard as well as to control the touch with only one grip. The design means that the users can employ gestures, swipes, and clicks associated with navigation menu, surfing content and opening applications. The users can also use their thumbs to message family and friends, key in the search option, enter the password and much more.

Controller is designed for the commander’s seat

Many home theaters occupy entire room rather than a corner of the room. The typical 10m range of standard wireless remotes won’t suffice the Lenovo 500 Controller offers up to 20m of wireless range. Anyone can take the lightweight Multimedia Controller to the office with them and use it for the large screen or the screen presentation.

Why should you buy it?

  • The entire keypad is a touch-pad.
  • Very easy to use and gives you comfort whole day.
  • The touch-pad is optimized to support the Windows operating System.

The 500 Multimedia Controller has a larger range than the typical wireless device that is suitable for homes. The device weighs around one-third of a pound and will be available in March 2017.

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