MacBook Air 2018 Review: Display, Design, Performance and Price

MacBook Air

When Apple Company announced that they are going to hold one more event. The first thing came in the mind of Apple brand fans it’s going to be Unison. Now it’s final that it can be a new MacBook Air.

Apple company didn’t disappoint their fan and came up with the first in a couple of years a New MacBook Air. As compared to MacBook Pro, MacBook Air is going to be better with high on looks and yes, slightly low on performance.

Now we going to tell you the single details that you should know before buying the new MacBook Air:


  • The MacBook Air is not absolutely bezel-less but it has decreased to a massive extent. If you are using dark mode in MacsOS Mojave, it will give you feeling of the whole screen because the bezels are black in colour.
  • MacBook Air comes with 13.3- inch display packs and have more than four million pixels resolution which changes into the sharpest image and vibrant colours. It doesn’t integrate true tone but has the best full retina display.
  • The display of the MacBook is one of its big plus points.

MacBook Air 2018


  • The MacBook Air comes in 3 beautiful colours. Those are space grey, gold and silver. As compared to other laptops MacBook Air comes with beautiful look like it is sleek, eye-catching and thin. It is very potable as it comes with 0.61 inches thickness point which will also give you an idea about its sleekness.
  • The design of this MacBook Air is different from others as it comes with unique TouchID which is more powerful then MacBook Pro. They are not providing with a headphone jack which is very surprising.
  • MacBook Air comes with only two ports on the left which are Thunderbolt 3. MacBook will not come with Magsafe again as Apple has introduced with a type-C port. In terms of connectivity, it comes with very limited ports. So remember to carry dongles with you.


  • The MacBook Air comes with an 8TH generation Inter core i5 processor. As the Core i5 is not really remarkable standards but yet it will deliver you with the best performance.
  • The faster 2133 system memory provides up to 16GB and MHz Intel UHD graphic. The good thing which is n provides by MacBook Air is SSDs up to 1.5TB in capacity.
  • Apple made a claim that they are going to be sixty present faster than the previous generation, will come up with launching apps and will upgrade their breezy.
  • Coming on the main point, with the audio performance. MacBook Air comes with the two more speaker which is twenty-five present louder as compared to the last generation devices. It also comes with double the amount of bass.
  • MacBook Air is also coming with 12 hours battery life.


  • MacBook Air starting price is Rs. 1,14,900. As compared to new Pro variants it is cheaper.

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