Xiaomi Redmi 5A 32GB Review and Specifications


The Redmi 5A is the phone you should buy if an entry-level phone is what you’re looking for. It provides reasonable performance and battery life for the price, and good overall value for your money. However, we would only recommend buying the 32GB variant of this device. Xiaomi Redmi 5A 32GB Detailed Review The smartphone has slowly become a commodity and there’s no going back from it. If you weren’t quite sure about that yet, the Xiaomi Redmi 5A is all the proof you need. It’s the best entry-level smartphone…

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The One Plus 5T: it’s finally Here!

One Plus phone

OnePlus is not another Chinese brand that we should take lightly. Ever since the first device rolled off its production line, it has always aimed the enthusiast grade of smartphone users who appreciate a sensibly priced smartphone but don’t necessarily miss out on any of the features from its much more expensive rivals. As such, OnePlus brand is well appreciated by almost everyone that knows about it and those who know about it, want one very much. I know that I do. The thing that makes OnePlus so special is…

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Samsung Getting Ready for S9 and S9 Plus Launch in 2018

Samsung S9 and S9+

We were not over the Samsung Note 8 success stories when rumors started spreading about Samsung’s new flagships development. Samsung has started firmware development for its new models expected in 2018. Last year the brand started preparing for S8 and S8+ in fall yet this time they have put the gear in the pedals two weeks earlier than expected. Claim reports are getting higher with the firmware development. A report claims the models for the upcoming flagships would be G960 and G965 naming S9 and S9+ respectively. Release Date Many…

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Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X Launch Today

Apple Iphone 8

In few hours from now, the much awaited new gen marvel iPhone8 or iPhone X is being launched today at 10.30 PM (IST). The launch function will take place at Steve Jobs Theatre situated in Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. There have been so much of discussion and gossips on the new member of iPhone family. We have to wait for the official launch from Apple and their declaration of its actual features. Based on the online “talking about” features these are few features which iPhone 8 or iPhone…

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Apple Iphone 8 Launch Event 2017

Apple Event 2017

Apple iPhone 8 – Top 5 highly anticipated features Cupertino-based Apple is all geared to host the company’s annual fall product launch event, but unlike previous years, 2017 is special as it marks the 10th anniversary of the first-ever iPhone. Apple’s charismatic and eccentric CEO Steve Jobs had in 2007 said the company took 2.5 years to make the iPhone and it was a game-changer. Now, as the company celebrates a decade of its success, it plans to announce a commemorative special-edition iPhone X at the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater…

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OnePlus 5 Reviews and Specifications

One Plus

OnePlus 5 competes directly with Apple iPhone 7 and almost destroys it any every single way. This smartphone is slim, dual camera and high end material used to make it exterior body. With it’s gorgeous display and lightweight feel. Will you be considering OnePlus 5? Find out below in OnePlus 5 detailed review. Features: Fingerprint Sensor Anodized Aluminum Material Dash Charging OxygenOS Android 7.1.1 Nougat Specifications: Display: 5.5 inch AMOLED display Resolution: 1080p Storage: 64/128GB RAM: 6GB/8GB LPDDR4 Processor: 2.45 GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Adreno 540 Camera: 16MP &…

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Dangerous Things People Do With Smartphones

top-10 most dangerours things people do with their smartphone

Smartphones houses everyone’s privacy and money Many people’s smartphones contain sensitive information that they do not have back up for. We have had news of celebrities having their nude pictures and videos being leaked online. Majority of them had their smartphones hacked and thereby, threatened to pay a huge sum if they do not want their private stuff online. They sometimes do not have such money, and end up having their private stuff all over the internet free. Many people have had their private bank accounts, online financial accounts like…

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Top 5 Affordable Smartphones

Top 5 Mobiles

Mobile phones have been a revelation of modern era. Undeniably, mobiles have created a revolution in the communication field. Today, it is hard for people to find a person without using mobile phones. Mobile phones are available in different categories, sizes, qualities as well as prices. People are able to buy mobile phones that suit their needs. We live in an era where mobile phones rule every walk of our life and people cannot spend even a single day without using their mobile phones. Having a mobile phone is a…

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Sachin Tendulkar’s Smartron Phone To Launch on May 3

Sachin Tendulkar’s Smartron Phone

Smartron is an India-based electronics and IoT company considering global ambitions, is gearing occurring to commencement a strengthen smartphone upon May 3. Smartron counts cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar as its ambassador and investor, and will be launching a adding phone titled srt.phone upon May 3. The phones tagline is Mastery at the core, which weback hint to guessing is Smartrons attempt to put obliterate on the partner later the master of cricket aka Sachin. Yes, the phone creature called srt.phone, which are the initials for Tendulkar makes it determined this…

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Xiaomi will not launch Mi 6 phone in India

Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi will not opening its flagship Mi 6 phone in India. The Mi 6, which is Xiaomi’s flagship phone for year 2017, will not agree India sources add footnotes to, hinting that the company will bring some added “high-fall” phone to the Indian have the funds for. Although the decision to not commencement the Mi 6 in India may seem unfamiliar, and could see taking into consideration distressing for millions of Mi fans in India, apparently it makes prudence to Xiaomi. For the last two odd years, the company has…

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