Nokia 8 Camera Test with 8GB Ram

Nokia 8

Nokia is encounter a bang bang entre this year, as they are coming in the middle of an extra flagship model called as Nokia-8 The Flagship Killer from Nokia, which will be a tough competition for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge & iPhone 8. as far and wide away as the flagship combat is concerned Nokia is a comfortable performer and they have had made pretty smartphones by now in the late accretion. Well, Nokia is bringing the best Camera in their phone which sports a toting happening EIS 3.0. EIS is obliging for shooting unbearable objects.

Camera Test:

Let me publicize you,we maxim the glimpses of New Nokia 8 in CES 2017, the phone was showcased by Qualcomm to undertaking their New Snapdragon 835 Processor.

This phone will launch this phone in upcoming MWC-2017. Yet we don’t have any price opinion. But we can expect that this phone will be a expensive one as it has to be the flagship phone to compete once Apple & Samsung.

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    Marcelino Steinhaus

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