Now you can read the deleted messages of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Whatsapp has always been exciting people with its new features. Whatsapp rolled out a new feature on its latest update which is “delete for everyone”. Whatsapp has introduced a way to read the messages which have already been deleted. However, one cannot recover the deleted messages without the help of the third party app or widget. The most important part is that whether the deleted messages are deleted permanently from the phone. They remain present on the phone and not only this, but they can also be accessed in an easy manner. According to some Spanish blog, the notification log of the device consists of the deleted WhatsApp messages. According to some other blogs, the notification register of the Android system consists of the deleted WhatsApp messages.

The Way of reading deleted messages

Some ways are introduced below which will surely help you in guiding the way or process of reading the texts which have been already deleted from the phone. The process is not so tough and can access easily by almost everyone. The steps are given below:

  1. The first thing you have to do for reading the deleted messages is that you have to download the third party app from google play store. The third party app is named as Notification History.
  2. When you complete downloading then you will have to search the deleted messages of Whatsapp in the notification log of android. The things will become more easy for the people using a third-party app like Nova Launcher.
  3. Keep a long hold on the home screen and select widget followed by activities followed by settings followed by notification log. This is the way of accessing the notification log.
  4. Those who are having stock android can have access to notification log via a setting widget.

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Limitations which you must keep in mind

However, there are some limitations in this process which you must keep in mind. One such limitation includes that the deleted messages can only be seen if the messages were generated as a notification. Another limitation includes the failing of recovery of deleted messages which includes images or videos that is the videos or images cannot be recovered. Moreover, people using android below 7.0 cannot avail the feature. You also cannot view more than 100 characters of your deleted messages.

These are some of the major drawbacks but still, half a loaf is better than no bread. So you can easily access the deleted messages with above-mentioned steps via the third party app named as Notification History.

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