Samsung Getting Ready for S9 and S9 Plus Launch in 2018

Samsung S9 and S9+

We were not over the Samsung Note 8 success stories when rumors started spreading about Samsung’s new flagships development. Samsung has started firmware development for its new models expected in 2018. Last year the brand started preparing for S8 and S8+ in fall yet this time they have put the gear in the pedals two weeks earlier than expected. Claim reports are getting higher with the firmware development. A report claims the models for the upcoming flagships would be G960 and G965 naming S9 and S9+ respectively.

Release Date

Many Rumors are circulating the internet that the Samsung is expecting an early launch in February or March 2018. The early firmware development of these models has started the rumors which might seem true to an extent. It is well-known that the S8 launch took place on 29th March 2017 New York and later that week in selected countries. Samsung expects to produce a good market by launching them earlier.

Possible Features

With Note 8 in the market, it is difficult to raise the bar very high for this flagship. Will this mark as the future for Optical Fingerprint Technology or not? Is Samsung going to introduce better or will keep it up with S8 and Note 8? All these speculations are high in the air until it arrives in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Corporation is rumored to go with the screen size of S8 and S8+ whilst retaining the well-known Infinity Display for this model. The Design of this model will resemble the dual-edge technology in its predecessors.

The feature of Fingerprint scanner technology is a big question mark for the upcoming flagships. Rumors are circling that Samsung are trying to install it into S9 and S9+ yet Ming Chi-Kuo has depicted that the technology might not get ready for Samsung S9 models. It is possible that Note 9 would be featuring the technology with its launch in mid-2018.

Note 8 was Samsung’s first to feature a camera with dual-rear. Although this feature appeared earlier in Apple, LG and Huawei yet it worked out well for Samsung users The model will have an Iris scanner as it was a success in S8 flagships. The corporation is trying to improvise the image in S9 with a 100fps image sensor that might be a big success in its upcoming models. Yet it is still not clear whether Samsung would bring it forward in S9 or Note 9.

The Snapdragon Qualcomm 845 is likely to make way in S9 and S9+. The processor came forward in Note 8 and resulted in a great hit. Android Oreo.8 and improvised Bixby are a must arrival in these sets.


S8 and S8+ launched with a higher price than expected, the features it brought forwards was far better than its predecessors. Although the price went higher than $1000 it was one of the best sellers, keeping that in mind we are expecting a higher range than its previous flagships. All this said Samsung S9 and S9+ are much-awaited models in the market.

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