Step into the future with the new way of screen unlocking by OnePlus 6T

Oneplus 6T Screen Unlocking

There were many rumours regarding the new in-display fingerprint scanner on OnePlus 6T. Finally, the official sources were good enough to release the stable pieces of information. According to the Founder and Ceo of Pete Lau, OnePlus 6T will be having a very fast in-display unlocking facility. This was the company’s much-awaited new flagship phone and soon the company released the futuristic Screen Unlocking technology. OnePlus have released a short video on this also. This is a 5-second video and it reveals the new in-display fingerprint scanner along with very thin bezels.

The makers of OnePlus 6T have spent a great amount of time in saving milliseconds of time in order to unlock the phone very fast. They did it by refining the unlock animation which will ensure a satisfying experience in the daily routine of smartphone use. So now you can have a look at the new technology of OnePlus 6T the flagship smartphone.

The new unlocking technology of OnePlus 6T

The belief of OnPlus smartphone makers is that the innovation is nothing but to push the technological limits together along with the users. Biometric scanners are the simples ones when it is compared to the new in-display fingerprint scanning technology. It is much more in case of OnePlus 6T than a simple module which remains attached to the backside of the screen. It works with a combination of an array of software processes along with the components of the hardware. These were made so that they can work perfectly and perform better with the new flagship phone of OnePlus that is OnePlus 6T.

Oneplus 6t Screen Unlock

This is the new and the advanced version of the in-display fingerprint scanning technology. All of the new technology works on an optical module of a fingerprint. This consist of a small lens which can easily and accurately register the fingerprint as soon as it is pressed on the cover glass. Here the screen of the flagship phone is used as a light source that is used in enhancing your fingerprint outline. This is capable of enabling the sensor to take the accurate shape and dimension.

This is much faster and secure when compared with other technologies

It is basically the combination of the latest hardware with the software algorithms which is self-learning. Ths system with great intelligence preloads the information of the fingerprint and hence creates a fast in-display unlocking experience. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will play the vital role in storing the information of the fingerprint. It mainly deals with the role of creating an isolated and ideal virtual space because of the confidentiality.

As soon as you place your finger on the required spot of the screen of OnePlus 6T, the registered fingerprint will be compared with the information which was previously stored in the Trust Zone for ensuring authenticity. It will act as a wall of defence against the false patterns. Many algorithms were tested and finally, the suitable one was applied to making the screen unlocking technology according to OnePlus. It will give you a great accuracy.

Discover the future with OnePus 6T

Now there are only a few weeks left for the launch of the new OnePlus 6T. According to the verdict of the OnePlus, the new technology will surely blow out the mind of the users. It was made to deliver the highest speed along with convenience. The technology was tested first on OnePlus 5T which were used early. However, the technology was not so good in the previous case and so they improved it and made it the best and fastest this time. After a huge number of tests finally, they got a good version of the screen unlocking technology which can deliver unmatched speed.

According to the tests it is said by Pete Lau that this one is best and different than its predecessors. Not only the hardware and software, but the new OnePlus 6T will be having a better durability than the previous devices of OnePlus.

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