What is C programming language?

C vs C++

C language is middle-level programming language which was developed at Bell Lab in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. C programming language combines the features of Low level as well as High-level Language. Hence its considered a middle-level Language. C language is a high-level classical type programming language that allows you to develop firmware and portable applications. The C programming language was developed with an objective of writing system software. C language is an ideal language for developing firmware systems. What is the C++ programming language? C++ is a programming language that…

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Apple Iphone 2019: Better Face ID Technology

Apple Face ID

Apple is a brand which everyone knows. It is a bit costly. Some of them may buy an iPhone while other desires to buy. Good technology along with good quality products are used for preparing the iPhones. According to rumours, Apple will bring a number of new features in the upcoming iPhones.  Apple aims in keeping the same Face ID and the same technology for the upcoming phones. The Face ID for iPhone X was so good and secured that it was used in iPhone XS and XS Max. However,…

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The Silent Rescue Beacon Assists Those Who Need a Medical Alert Device


People living alone have been on the rise, with 42% of Americans living without a spouse or partner. And 12 million of those on their own are senior citizens, with 69% of them being women. Unfortunately, this puts people at risk of not being able to notify others when there is no one else in the home in the event of an emergency. Medical Alert Devices are available for these people, here is an example; If someone falls and breaks his or her leg or hip, it may be next…

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What is Best Cyber Monday Godaddy Renewal Hosting Offer?

What is Best Cyber Monday Godaddy Renewal Hosting Offer_

As we all know Godaddy is the largest web hosting and domain registration organization in the world.  The company is offering best Godaddy Renewal Coupon on this Cyber Monday Sale. On this Godaddy Cyber Monday Sale 2018, you will get huge discounts on web hosting products and domain services. On this year Cyber sale will be held on 26th November 2018. So get ready to grab best deals on hosting services. Godaddy is providing high-quality hosting services to their customers. Now you can create an online identity on the web…

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Career in Ethical Hacking/ Cyber Security with Indian Cyber Army

Ethical Hacking

Indian Cyber Army is an association of Ethical Hackers. We set standards for cybersecurity/ information security education and provide Certification For Ethical Hackers which will serve as eligibility to join Indian cyber army. How to join Indian Cyber Army? You can join Indian Cyber Army by taking membership of Indian Cyber Army ; it indicates to grow in the Information Security of Cyber Security channel. Our membership benefits are aimed to provide our members  with such benefits to have a safe career in the information security industry with job .…

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How to recover lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS 1

In the bustle of everyday life, we barely realize that our computers have become gigantic archives of our lives. Stop to think a lot with me, can you? Minimize your browser window for a few seconds and take a look around your desktop. The folders he has there, with college documents, his work, his friends’ requests to him. Go to the folder of songs, photos and even the software installed on your computer. What would it feel like if your computer crashed and all those digital files disappeared? The photographs of your children that were only in…

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How to Protect yourself from Phishing Attacks


Phishing is the attempt of obtaining another person’s or people’s authentication info for website accounts among others. Phishing can be done in various ways: Through private websites Through emails Through documents Through any other means that could make you give up your passwords and other details Hackers use various methods to ensure success. Some even combine several methods of phishing, especially with the inclusion of spear phishing. You can never know when the next attack is going to happen. You have to be secure 24/7 to prevent your personal data…

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Shopping for HDMI Cables? Keep These Things in Mind!


We have come a long way with technology. Now we are surrounded with gadgets and other electronically advanced devices. Be it office or home, work or leisure. A few years back in time, battling with tangled cables to form a connection was a frequently relatable scenario. But thanks to the new generation HDMI cables, connecting your entertainment devices has got much easier than the times of standard connections, and advanced too. HDMI made it possible to transmit audio and video through the same cable. In our day to day lives,…

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Overview to an ounce of prevention: Cyber Security!

Cyber Security

Creating awareness There’s a whole new breed of technologies nowadays taking curiosity to a new level. The advertisements broadcasted on television, appearing on a webpage or as you simply browse through the internet, they relay a signal that may be sometimes inaudible but carries a clear and strong message that we all understand. This specific technology has advanced with coming of the many smart devices however raises a few concerns to keep everything streamlined as well as a thought over cyber security; perhaps a more pressing issue currently due to…

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5 Ways To Get Quality iPhone Repair In Hamilton

Iphone Repair

A smartphone is an invention which has become the crucial part of our life. Almost everything we do in our life is done through this device, fitting in the palm of our hand from paying bills to shopping or banking. So when a glitch occurs, it can disrupt with all these functioning. So before you move forward with the repair part, there are few things you need to consider. Look for a reliable source As you might end up spending a small fortune on your iPhone repair water damage repair…

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