The Silent Rescue Beacon Assists Those Who Need a Medical Alert Device


People living alone have been on the rise, with 42% of Americans living without a spouse or partner. And 12 million of those on their own are senior citizens, with 69% of them being women. Unfortunately, this puts people at risk of not being able to notify others when there is no one else in the home in the event of an emergency. Medical Alert Devices are available for these people, here is an example; If someone falls and breaks his or her leg or hip, it may be next to impossible for the injured person to reach a phone and call a loved one or 911. For seniors, the risk of these types of falls rises even higher. In fact, a person’s risk of “falling and experiencing a traumatic injury increases dramatically after the age of 65.” According to the CDC, this amounts to over 300,000 hip fractures each year – and those who have fallen once have now doubled their chance of falling once again. Medical Alert Devices are also on the rise due to this, over 10,000,000 people use some sort of Alert System in 2019.

In light of this distressing information, it is imperative that people who live alone have a foolproof method to maintain reliable contact with their friends, family, and emergency personnel. However, as previously mentioned, counting on a landline or cell phone isn’t the answer, knowing that not everyone has his or her phone within easy reach at all times.

Fortunately, Silent Beacon has recognized the need for an affordable medical alert system that will rescue those in need through its new innovative safety device. This revolutionary rescue beacon can be worn at all times, allowing someone who lives alone the peace of mind that – in the event of an emergency – help is seconds away. That’s because the rescue beacon of our medical alert system allows the user to push one button on the device, thereby setting off an alert to the user’s stored contact list. At the moment the alert is activated, friends, family, and emergency personnel can receive a call, text, email, push notification, or combination of all of these methods – as well as the exact location of the person in need through the power of GPS technology. For added peace of mind, there is also an optional call centre membership available to users, although the rescue beacon is fully functional without this service.

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Family and friends can finally rest easy, knowing that the loved one in their life who lives alone is seconds away from receiving help, thanks to the rescue beacon. Those who have used the Silent Beacon agree that this device is an effective method of being able to connect with others easily in an emergency; reviewers have described the device as “awesome” and an “amazing product.”

To learn more, or to purchase a Silent Beacon medical alert system for yourself or someone you care about, please visit With this personal safety device, you, your friends, and your family members will never be completely alone.

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