Walk Free With Lechal

Walk Free With Lechal

A product of Ducere Technologies, Lechal is India’s first GPS navigation and fitness tracking wearable technology. Ducere technologies had been at work trying to develop what was initially a technology that assists visually impaired people. Later this technology performed so well that it was conceptualized as a navigation guide for anyone and everyone.

As world’s first haptic footwear, Lechal has a design based on touch-technology to function. The shoe connects to its app via Bluetooth and vibrates in left or right foot to guide the user. Lechal is available in the form of insoles that you can slide into any pair of shoes.

Lechal navigation can also be done in the offline mode, while there is no internet connection in your phone. In a situation when your phone is not with you, the pods in the insoles gather and save all the information and transfer them to your phone when it is in vicinity of the pods.

The product is all about user convenience in least number of moves. For instance, Lechal allows the wearer to modify routes on the map and tag favourite locations with a tap of the shoe and share them with others or link up routes of their friends. Once a location is tagged, it gets stored in the pod memory and the pod will buzz every time you revisit one of the tagged places.

At the heart of Lechal is a pair of highly advanced pods. Once snapped into either the insoles or buckles, these pods connect to app, and your footwear becomes your personal guide that is ready to take you through the world. Lechal also carries in it the option of using voice commands and a very interactive nature that enables you to share locations with other users.



  • Lechal has a battery life of well over 15 days. Fifteen days of battery life means they’re rarely shackled to a charger.
  • The pods work offline as well, so that you do notneed internet to access the map of a new place.
  • Lechal ensures complete hands-free and heads-up navigation.
  • The haptic vibrations ensure a detailed communication with the wearer.
  • Besides navigation, Lechal allows you to track your fitness with precision by using pedometer, measuring steps taken, calories burnt, distance travelled, and much more.
  • There is an option of using these pods in trim-to-fit insoles or lacing them up onto your shoelaces with Lechal buckles.

Lechal has made an important move in the world of electronic navigation by making it serve us hands free and eyes free. Initially designed for the visually challenged, Lechal is highly advanced in its intuitive bearings, and is successful in guiding people across hikes, excursions, commutes, and drives.

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