What are the advantages of using Mobile Apps in the healthcare industry?

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Day by day the possibly new dimensions of the smartphones are being revealed. Today people have become mobile-enabled and on an average, every user utilizes around 30 applications on an average according to a study. Now it has stepped into the medical field, improving the health of the user through apps.

The growing trend in the developing world is the creation of healthcare mobile apps. It is bringing about drastic changes in the domain that even the doctors prefer them to enhance the condition of their patients. The time to say goodbye to the long queues, waiting hall and tokens have arrived.

Easy connectivity between the Doctor and Patient

Remember the days to contact the hospital to book an appointment with the doctor; visit the other day and wait in a hall to call out your token number; all those days are gone. No more hustle, all that you need to do is open the application and apply for an appointment. Your work is done at your fingertips. The apps have shrunk the distance between the doctor and the patient. It saves travel, time, and money; the products are creating magical wonders in society. In fact, medicine shopping app these days have made doctor-patient communication so much better. Apps like Netmeds, Practo, LifCare online pharmacy and more allow easy medicine ordering online with free doctor teleconsultation, diet consultation by nutritionists and more.

Collecting personal health data

People are downloading the health apps to lose weight, track their fat level, Watch exercises, track their workout, etc. All these data are being stored in the application. These data can be reviewed to track the health condition of the patient. Some integration allows people to store their health information in detail; which can be highly helpful during emergency times.

Ideal gift for people far away

For people who reside far away from the urban area, this advancement in a medical field is an absolute jackpot. Consultation from top doctors will become a cakewalk; the travel cost is a happy zero, distance is not a barrier anymore.


More Benefits

There are some more advantages that healthcare applications provide the user. The medical test reports can be obtained through online, quick appointment and online medicine purchase are some add-ons. Along with them, a patient can also have a video chat directly with the doctor. The mobile healthcare is expected to reach a mark of 33.5% within the period of 2015-2020.

IoT into the medical field

IoT is giving new definition to the term application, taking it to new heights. It can help the staffs to manage the goods properly which in turn reduces the work. The consultation fee can be curtailed to a certain amount. Smart devices connected to the patient send data to the monitor at doctors’ cabin which can also be stored for future reference.

Accurate diagnostic report

The accuracy factor in the computer can be utilized to deliver precise test results. It lessens the burden of the staffs, also reducing the paper consumption. It reduces the human error in the diagnosis.

Reduces Complexity

Introduction of these technologies reduces the complexity involved in a hospital setup. The physicians no more need to maintain the paperwork involving the patient history. An interface app is more than enough to store the entire details of the huge number of patients.

Best treatment becomes possible

Best in class treatments will become possible since the app provides all the latest tools to enhance the client experience. So in order to lead the competition, it will become a must do the scenario for the doctors to upgrade themselves with the latest trends.

Increased branding

Through this latest evolution, surgeons will also get great reach. There won’t be any special need to advertise since the application automatically does it for them. When the application is search engine optimized, it will gain a higher rank in the play store. Automatically it will draw the attention of a large number of patients.

Empowering the healthcare industry

With the latest technologies into action, the entire healthcare industry is growing to a new level. Right from fixing appointments to purchasing the medicine everything has turned online saving a lot of valuable time to both doctor and the patients. The medical applications are still in there developing stage and ready to give fruitful returns to the users.

Facts about healthcare applications

There are around 97,000+ mobile and tablet applications for elevating the health of the user. After the intervention of the technology into a domain, it is estimated that around 26 billion USD is generated as revenue by 2017. About 52% of the smartphone users are searching for health-related content and downloading apps regarding them. Today more than 25% of the physicians are using the applications and trust it reduces the patient visit by 40%. It raises the bar for the rural people to reach the doctor comparatively.

The role that technology is playing in the healthcare domain is highly crucial. It’s saving the lives of millions in emergency and more hearts from getting into such emergency situation.

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