WhatsApp adds Several New Emoji’s in its Upcoming Android Version


Emoji is a symbolic representation of the facial expression or any other thing that relates to the human behavior or the environment in common. These emoji’s are used in many websites and in almost every messaging based application. These emoji’s represent facial expression, animals, weather, food, celebrations and almost everything that may relate to human behavior and the environment. Emoji’s have become more popular since their beginning. They were first introduced by the Apple iPhones. And they were introduced by the Japanese mobile phones. Following Apple, Android started introducing this emoji concept. Then the other mobile operating systems slowly started implementing this emoji concept.

Apple’s OS started implementing emoji’s of version 10.7. The color emoji’s were introduced by windows 8.1 with the segoe user interface. It comes from the Japanese terms e and moji, e means picture and moji means character. It is the reflection of the English words emotion and emoticon.

The emoji’s were introduced since the late 1990s, and they have become the trend now-a-days. It gives pleasant an appearance to one’s feelings while texting. It expresses one’s emotions clearly, rather than words. Most of the social media apps have these emoji’s feature. People enjoy the conversations in online while using the emoji’s.

Today, it has become popular to chat only with emoji’s, and not using words, the meaning is conveyed clearly, though there are no words, that is the specialty of the emoji’s. And it is fun to have a chat with full of emoji’s. If we look at how these emoji’s started? We will remember a simile in yellow color, with black eyes and the mouth that is arc in shape. This simile was the base for many new emoji’s, which are there today. Many emoji’s will have the Japanese touch, since they are from the Japanese origin.

The popular emoji’s includes the dancing lady, a cherry, smiling face, a face which burst out of laughter and many more interesting emoji’s. These emoji’s have become more popular, after Apple started to implement in its messaging feature. Then Android followed Apple and then many operating systems started implementing it.

In your WhatsApp chat or any other chat, instead of having a long text message, make it simple by using emoji’s. A single yellow smiley will reflect your mind clearly, which the longest text message may fail to do. You can create the emoji story also, you have many emoji’s on various messaging applications, with the help of those emoji’s, you can create your own story, and express it with more emoji’s and less number of words, it will really be an interesting thing, and improves your creativity as well.

These emoji’s have a huge fan following, because of its nature of expressing the feelings and other things as pictures. The social media sites and the apps like WhatsApp, Hike and many other messaging apps has many emoji’s, Facebook has different emoji’s when compared to other social media sites and it keeps on developing the new emoji’s, this has attracted many users.

The top emoji’s

Many emoji’s have their own fan following. And these emoji’s are the passion now-a-days. A smiling face emoji has attracted many users, since that smile is unique from others. The angry red face emoji similarly replicates the emotion of the people when they are angry. The winked face emoji expresses the naughtiness clearly. The tired crying face emoji clearly reflects the person when they feel mood out and depressed. The smiling face devil says that, you are not in the good feel, and worrying about something. The praying hands reflect the prayer or when the person feels thankful to someone.

Interesting facts about emoji’s

  • Emoji’s are the growing language in the UK. They have become more popular recently. About 70% of youngsters use emoji’s while chatting with their friends.
  • The emoji which reflects one vegetable was banned, since many people use it to comment badly in the social networks.
  • There is no ginger emoji in the Apple products. Other OS may have it, but Apple does not have such emoji.
  • Emoji’s have become more popular after the introduction of the smart phones. In 2012 when Apple introduced the bunch of emoji’s in IOS 6, they have become the talk of the town.
  • The word emoji is recently added to the dictionary, it was introduced by the Oxford since 2013.
  • The emoji with tears of joy has become more popular in the world. Most of the chats will be incomplete without this emoji.
  • Many people have the emoji tattoo on their hands. This is the sign to show how much they love it.
  • Some of the new emoji’s are created from the old ones. Just small modifications are made in the old emoji’s.

WhatsApp is going to include new emoji’s

WhatsApp include a several new emoji’s in its upcoming version. The upcoming version of android is 2.12.441; it is going to have several new emoji’s, which Apple had it in its previous version. This is the good news for all the android WhatsApp users. WhatsApp will update this version in the Valentine’s Day, as it is soon approaching. So that it may be helpful for the people to celebrate the valentine’s day with new surprising emoji’s. It will be an added advantage to their celebration.

The update has undergone its beta testing two months ago. And it kept users waiting for some long period. These new emoji’s may increase the tab number from five to eight. This clearly shows that there are more new emoji’s are yet to come. Users can download it from the Google play store, as soon as the update is released.

WhatsApp’s previous version 2.12.374 has already introduced several new emoji’s, such as, the volley ball, medals, Champaign bottle, race, unicorn, pop corn and many more interesting emoji’s. The emoji’s that are going to be updated in the latest version include the LGBT emoji’s which represent the pictures of family, couple, friends and many more relationships, and the deductive emoji and many other new emoji’s. The latest updated version also includes many religious places and the worship places, the upside down faces, nerd faces, middle finger and the heart exclamation mark, this will give beauty to the valentine’s day text messages, these things will add importance to the new updated version that is yet to arrive.

The delay in the beta launch and the latest launch is that, the steps were taken to improve the user interface, and to make the UI even simpler and easy to use. The user interface is simple in WhatsApp; it has the index picture for the emoji tabs, to indicate where the emoji’s lies. The flower symbol indicates that, the particular tab contains the flowers emoji’s and each index symbol indicates its own meaning.

The new version also includes that the group chat can include up to 256 participants. Whereas, the old version allows only 100 participants for the group chat.

WhatsApp has achieved a milestone of 1 billion users across the globe. And it is taking steps to improve the business by allowing the organizations to connect to its customers across the globe.

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