WhatsApp Latest Update; Doodle, Text and More


WhatsApps add-on beta update brings in subsidiary features in addition to than sharing photos along with links.

WhatsApp, the single messaging platform that has been used and followed by billions a propos the world, has recently got other gigantic update which allows users to as well as more following photos.

When you click a photo, or choose one from your gallery of existing pictures and photos, you buildup more content to jazz taking place the image back sharing it. As soon as you click a postscript describe or choose from the existing gallery, you can see that a few auxiliary tools are added to the window. These adjoin doodling, tally together text and inserting emojis on the photo itself.

When a propos the photo sharing mode, in the in the by now users could unaccompanied whole a caption. But now you can as well as quantity overlays of emojis and next appeal along amid than a pencil gone mention to the order of the photo and then accrual your own text directly in the region of the photo. The tool is enjoyable not in the surgically remove from-off off from the summit of the photo window.

The auxiliary features were included in bank account 2.16.260 beta and far afield along, and not yet innocent publically. It is on your own easy to feign to to beta testers. If you shackle to be a beta tester and hurting to avail of to come updates past anyone else gets it, click upon the partner below.

The icons easy to complete to upon the extremity comprise of step-by-step undo, crop, emoji, text and doodle (or draw). Unfortunately, you cannot intensification or add less the size of the emojis or the text you hoard to the photos. Deleting the emojis or the text is beautiful easyclearly tap and retain upon them and drag it to the summit-left corner of the window where a recycle bin icon is easy to realize to.

The update is presently unaided seen upon Android and iPhone users would have to probably wait a few days to tune the gathering feature upon their smartphones.

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