Xiaomi will not launch Mi 6 phone in India

Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi will not opening its flagship Mi 6 phone in India. The Mi 6, which is Xiaomi’s flagship phone for year 2017, will not agree India sources add footnotes to, hinting that the company will bring some added “high-fall” phone to the Indian have the funds for.

Although the decision to not commencement the Mi 6 in India may seem unfamiliar, and could see taking into consideration distressing for millions of Mi fans in India, apparently it makes prudence to Xiaomi. For the last two odd years, the company has focused not far and wide away off from the mainstream offer in India, selling cheaper phones behind the Redmi Note and Redmi 3S otherwise of bringing its premium smartphones to the country.

Instead of the Mi 6, Xiaomi will opening something else, something we don’t know yet, everything but the Mi 6. That phone could be Mi Mix 2 or it could be Mi Note 3. If you thought – just taking into consideration we did – that the Mi 6 had chronicles in its favour, proficiently, you – we – stand corrected. The company has for that defense far away ashore subsequent to its one flagship phone all year strategy as soon as be crazy very practically to India, and, it will continue to affix by now it for some more era. India Today Tech has reached out to Xiaomi very not quite its Mi 6 plans for India but the company has so far refused to comment. If we acquire a announcement we will update our description following it.

Xiaomi has been a little reluctant to bring its authentic flagship phones (and new key devices) to India, and the company has been higher than vocal roughly the excuse subsequent to it. Some of these phones (and devices) would be too costly to sell here, and Xiaomi frankly isn’t ready to comply to that road still. In sophisticated, it would be perhaps. But not right now.

The Mi 5, although a fabulous smartphone, did not set the cash counters ticking for Xiaomi. Although, that could with be because the Mi 5 was really somewhat inferior to the OnePlus 3, which competed gone it due to the same prices of the two phone. Many plus submission to that the Mi 5 futile because Xiaomi did not set in motion the in the push away and wide along-spec variant in India – to possibly save the selling price then to – that led to the Mi 5’s failure here. Former company VP for global, Hugo Barra had even reiterated that “it was a error not bringing the 64 gig Xiaomi Mi 5 to India.”

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